Seed 6 Duals Pools - 1, BVNE Collegiate Beach Volleyball League Mar 3, 2019, Sun, Mar 3rd

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SEED 6 is subject to change.  Please check back for changes.

BVNE will keep track and announce the schools in order at the end of the tournament.

Each coach from every school will give us their "Best Pair" for photos and online recognition, in addition to overall recognition. 

Check in 8:00am-8:30am

Meeting:  8:45am

Start time 9:00am  

4 Team Pools

* Two games to 21

* Win by 2

* One time out per team

* No techincal time out

* Win by 2

5 Team Pools

* Same as above, but one game to 28


* Standard Collegiate Rules

* Reffing team will use a scoreboard in the designated area and report scores at the end of both games.


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