Kauai Bikini Tournament Series August 25th 2019 (2019-08-25)
  • 3 team pools play a full match 2 games to 21 and if third game needed to 15.
  • 4 team pools play one game to 28
  • 5 team pools play one game to 21


  • one time out per team per game
  • no technical time outs
  • win by 2 points
  • no cap on the score


* 12u and 14u NO CALL rule on hand setting.  What does this mean?  You can hand set and it does not need to be clean.  This is the perfect opportunity for players to start hand setting and there will be no calls.  


* NO open hand serve receive.


* Hand setting for U16 is standard rules


* If a medical time out is needed 15 min.  The team taking the medical time out must report to the front desk.


* When reffing only the assigned team is allowed in the reffing area.  No friends or cell phones are allowed while reffing.


* The reffing team has the final call.  Players, coaches, parents are not allowed to make comments even if it's the wrong call.  Let the players figure it out.  This is time for all to learn to be responsible for scores, calls, replays, etc. 

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Girls 12U Division (11 Teams)
Girls 14U Division (14 Teams)
Girls 16U Division (7 Teams)


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