GNBV Virtual Video Showcase 18U - FL The Beach At Bishop (Nov 14th, 2020)

BVNE & Project "U" hosting the GNBV Virtual Showcase

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The Beach At Bishop

13651 Hays Road, Spring Hill, FL 34610

Schedule Sunday Nov 14th

16U Division AM Session

8:00am Check In
8:45am Meeting
9:00am Start Pool Play


*Three team match two games to 21 and one game to 15 if needed
*Five team pools one game to 21
*Four team pools one game to 28
*One time out per team
*No technical time outs 
*Switch sides on multiples of seven
*Reffing team is responsible for reporting scores
*When both teams are ready to play you will report to the video camera.  Each team will take a turn to state their last name and graduation year, while maintaining six feet distance from the other team.


*At the end of each game the winning team will go back to the camera and report the final score by saying your last names and the score, such as "Smith and Jones won 21-18" and then wave to our team so we can prepare the camera for the next team.
Everyone will go into playoffs:

Double elimation 


Gold 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Silver 1st, 2nd, 3rd


* Social Distancing Protocol
* When not playing please practice social distancing.
* Please use hand sanitizer before you play.
* Upon arrival we will take your temperature. Any temperatures over 100.4 will receive a team refund.
* If for any reason you are sick please text Daron at 310-547-7486 to let her know that your team is dropping out and a full refund will be processed anytime through event day.
* If you have advised to self quarantine by a contact tracer please stay home.
* If for any reason you wake up and don't feel good even if you think its just a cold please stay home, we will happily provide a refund.
* No high fives
* No congregating between teams

Once pools are formed and you are unable to attend we can transfer you're ticket a future event.



Tournament Director:  Daron Forbes 310-547-7486

Girls 18U 8AM
15 Teams