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Savka PopovicChicago, IL

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Volleyball > BVNE 2019 Season
Past Season (Ended 18 days ago)
League or TournamentTeamTeammate(s)Games
BVNE Showcase Feb 3rd 2019 in Santa Monica2019/2020 Grad Year(N/Setson) Banter/PopovicMadison Banter
18U Gold 2019/2020
Kauai Bikini Tournament Series February 2nd 2019Girls 18UPopovic/BanterMadison Banter
18U Playoffs
Volleyball > 2017-2018
Past Season (Ended 12 months ago)
League or TournamentTeamTeammate(s)Games
BVNE Showcase July 31st in Santa Monica17's & 18's 2018/2019Black/PopovicLeah Black
18U Gold Playoffs
BVNE Showcase June 10th in Santa Monica17's & 18's 2018/2019 Grad YearBlack/PopovicLeah Black
Silver 17's & 18's 2018/2019 G
BVNE Juniors Beach Club League March 18, 2018Girls High School division 1Schwindaman/PopovicMaria Schwindaman
Girls High School division 1 P